Dr. Michael Weber – Md, President Of European Tcm Laser Academy

Dr. Weber studied chemistry in Bochum and medicine in Münster, scholarship and studies at the University of Wales in Cardiff. He is one of Europe’s leading experts in the field of “mitochondrial medicine”. He has been working successfully on the combination of the “Bioenergetic approaches” of acupuncture and mitochondrial medicine. He developed successful treatment approaches for various diseases in pediatrics: ADHD, concentration problems, sleep disturbances, allergic rhinitis, and allergic conjunctivitis, atrial fibrillation. 

He did much research, was a speaker and keynote lecturer at countless international conferences in Europe and America. He was in example invited speaker in Rothenburg, in Riga, London, Liverpool, Chengdu, Taiwan, Switzerland, Israel, Singapore, Tehran. He published a comprehensive textbook on LLLT and laser acupuncture – Laser Acupuncture – A Practical Handbook; Successful Treatment Concepts. He was medical director of the Rothenburg Congress / AGTCM.

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